With my sweet nephew 'Gordo' at Riis Park in Chicago 

With my sweet nephew 'Gordo' at Riis Park in Chicago 

My name(s):

Lulu -  After "Lourdes," a novela character

 Lorena - After a friendly chismosa/bochinchera 

Tita | Titi - Young woman | Aunty

Teo - Mami's name "Teofila" | Friend of God

Matute - Paternal Grandmama's Surname

What's good?

I'm a scholar of American Studies at the University of California Berkeley with a focus on Law, Media, and Social Memory in post military coup d'état Honduras. Originally from Humboldt Park in the West Side of Chicago, I'm now posted in the East Bay.  

I design/produce multimedia projects on progressive politics in the U.S., the Central American diaspora and urban Latinx culture.  

I'm always looking fwd to new friends and connections. I dig: café, comic books, Afro-Indigenous beats, gadgets, and prayer. Fluent in Spanglish. What's good with you?