some current/recent projects made possible in collab w/ great ppl



Academic journal for the Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies Department at the University of California, Berkeley w/ Profe. Angela Marino, Ph.D.

Toolkit: InDesign, Photoshop

Kids Code Camp.JPG

Design and Street Art Summer Camp

Kids, tech, and paint made for a great summer in San Francisco. Made manifest w/guidance from the amazing Jessica Sabogal, the hus[s]le of SMAC (Students Making Change) and Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth

Toolkit: Curriculum Development, Program Management

XOL FLOWAR Lulu Matute

Xol Flowar: a tangible anthology

Pics/illustrations/poems/short stories/OG consejos. Many versions of me in print-form; from coming up in Crook County Chicago, to hus[s]ling in Cali, and digging up roots and bones in Centro-America

“i leave you this still-wet portrait now, pq la santa muerte no siempre duerme (‘cause saint death doesn’t always sleep)”

Botanica 27 + Lulu Matute

Botanica 27 in Chicago

West Side pop-ups w/organically grown herbs, medicinal teas, pomades, candles, chocolate, [y] coffee from family-operated farms in Honduras and Guatemala. + Gemstones, textiles, and religious relics available 2020.

Teatro Arcade | Nomadx


Nomadic, participatory, and eco-conscious art installations/street performances created with kinfolk throughout the migrant route. Born from National TPS Alliance Journey for Justice [y] the SF Bay Area Chapter’s Teatro de Cartón w/inspiration from Chimeneas de Trinidad in Honduras, Oistmo, [y] Opera-Matic in Chicago

W/love for Central America Relatives

Resistencia Relativa

Organizing ongoing support for Central American refugees/asylum seekers/displaced persons at the US-Mexico border w/CentAmFam (CAFE) and Resistencia Relativa

Labor of Love: donation drives, educational workshops, legal clinics, and mobile health stations

santas hasta muerte.jpg

Altares [y] Ofrendas

Holding memory/space/time w/: Felipe Gómez Alonzo, Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd, Alfredo “Sebi” Bowman, Michael Brown, Jakelin Caal, Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores, María Chinchilla, Marielle Francisco da Silva, Claudia Gómez González, Freddy Gray, Tha Great Nip Hussle, Fred Hampton, Johnny “Hurricane” Heard, Roxsana Hernandez, Aiyana Jones, Lisa Left Eye Lopes, Laquan McDonald, Alex Nieto, José Antonio Elena Rodríguez, Santo Romero de America, Nia Wilson

La Peña 2.png

La Peña Cultural Center

An exploration of a cultural gem in Berkeley. La Peña was founded in 1975 and it’s still home to revolutionary artists en la bahia. Check out Proyecto La Peña.

Democracy in Color.png

Democracy in Color Podcast

Launched this show with host Aimee Allison, a leading voice in progressive US politics. Follow her work, she slay 💃🏽